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Сергей Храбров

CNN:Слушания в Конгрессе Джеймса Коми требуют внимания

Показания Джеймса Коми, попавшего ставшего  в центр текущей национальной  политиченской драмы, могут решить судьбу президентсва Дональда Трампа

Fired FBI Chief James Comey seizes center stage in a compelling national political drama Thursday as he delivers congressional testimony that has grave implications for the fate of Donald Trump's presidency.

Comey will appear before the Senate intelligence committee at 10 a.m. ET in one of the most eagerly awaited hearings in decades, and will publicly contradict aspects of Trump's accounts of their private conversations.
His testimony represents a pivotal moment in the saga of Russian election hacking and alleged collusion by Trump aides that has cast a dark shadow over the opening months of the new administration.
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