Сергей Храбров (oldgoro) wrote,
Сергей Храбров

Satellite imagery shows Russian AWACS back in Syria

TEL AVIV, Israel — Israeli satellite imagery confirms redeployment of at least one Russian A-50 Aerial Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) in Syria.
Imagery captured May 3 by the ImageSat International (ISI) Eros B satellite, published here for the first time, shows the Russian special mission aircraft deployed at the Latakia Air Base in Syria.
The deployment, less than a month after a US Tomahawk cruise missile strike on a key regime air base, significantly augments Russia’s ability to defend the entire airspace over Syria against aircraft or missile attack.....
           На хвалёные С-400 надежды уже нет.  Перед готовящимися атаками усиляем ПВО чем можем. 
Tags: сирийская авантюра
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