Сергей Храбров (oldgoro) wrote,
Сергей Храбров

АВС: Член СММ ОБСЕ - американец был убит на востоке Украины

A U.S. member of European security watchdog OSCE's monitoring mission in eastern Ukraine was killed and another injured after their vehicle drove over a mine near Luhansk.

The American man was killed and a German woman was injured on Sunday morning, a spokesman for Austria's foreign ministry confirmed. Austria holds the rotating presidency of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

OSCE confirmed the incident and an additional injury via a statement posted on their official Facebook page late Sunday morning.

Член команды СММ ОБСЕ , американец был убит, а другой член команды серьёзно ранен после того как их атомобиль подорвался на мине возле Луганска. Эту информацию подтердил  спикер австрийского МИДа
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