Сергей Храбров (oldgoro) wrote,
Сергей Храбров

Асма Асад рискует потерять своё Британское гражданство

За её учатие в пропагандистских операциях режима её могут лишить британского гражданства

The London-born wife of President Assad is facing calls for her British citizenship to be revoked after it emerged that she has played a leading role in the Syrian regime’s propaganda operation.

Asma al-Assad uses Facebook, Instagram and Telegraph, an encrypted app, to praise the regime and accuse the West of spreading lies. Her accounts, which have 500,000 followers, feature the former JP Morgan banker hugging children and elderly Syrian women while wearing designer outfits.

MPs and campaigners called on Amber Rudd, the home secretary, to remove Mrs Assad’s British citizenship under the British Nationality Act on the ground that it would be “conducive to the public good”.
Tags: Сирия, инфовойна
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