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Доклад Стенфордского университета:крайне правые европейские популисты как российские троянские кони

Призрак крайне правовго популизма бродит по европе, призрак путинизма.
Бродит и отравляет европейский политический менстрим и всё это присходит с одной целью  - замедлить экономическое развитие и расколоть ЕС. Они не простые марионетки Кремля, они их стратегические союзники- агенты влияния....

A wave of far-right populism is sweeping across Europe. Euroskeptic, nationalist, populist parties, once on the fringes of European politics, are poised to enter the mainstream. The rise of the far right is first and foremost a cultural backlash against the rapid economic and political integration of the E.U. over the last 25 years. But while far-right parties are nothing new in Europe, their explicit pro-Russian turn is. Far right parties are not simply puppets of the Kremlin, but they are undoubtedly allies. They act as agents of influence in Europe’s institutions by supporting pro-Russian views, praising Mr. Putin’s foreign policy in Ukraine and Syria, and advocating against EU policies that would hurt Russian interests, such as sanctions. Increasing electoral support for the far right populists is no doubt domestically driven, but by supporting Putin, far-right leaders conveniently play into the Kremlin’s geo-political agenda.


Tags: Европа, агентура, путинизм, спецоперация, спецслужбы

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